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TREE strives support the next generation of inventors. We are holding two contests:


Video contest rules: Make a two-minute video based very closely on the story line of The Children Make a Business Plan and the Hugh's Your Daddy seven-part movie series. Post the video on YouTube, email your contact information, a link to the YouTube video, and the name name of your chosen charity. Post your completed video between 6-7-11 and 9-10-11. The video must be "pope-friendly" (contain no bad words or situations). Winner's name, charity name and link to their video will be posted on this site by 9-30-11. Winner will be offered a starring role in TREE's version of the two-minute video.

Logo contest rules: Submit a TREE logo design by mail or as an email attachment between 6-7-11 and 9-10-11. The winner's name, entry and charity name will be displayed on this contest page by 9-30-11.

These contests are restricted to residents of the Minneapolis Hawthorne neighborhood. Outside help is welcome and appreciated.

Upcoming contest: Submit a theme song based on protecting the environment using this energy system.



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